Free Hugs for $10

My Free Hugs has been reprinted for $10 over at Hurry, it's only available for 24 hours, and includes a little surprise.

The Inconceivables

My Inconceivables tee is available this Saturday 12th May for just $10 from!

Anatomy of a Scratch - $11

My Anatomy of a Scratch tee will be on sale tomorrow over at  That's $11, for just 48 hours!

HP Lovecraft

Sworn enemy of 'He Who Cannot Be Spelt', my HP Lovecraft tee will be on sale tomorrow over at  That's $10, for just 24 hours!

Planet of the Snapes Tee - $10 at TeeFury

This Thursday at you can pick up my previously unavailable tee 'Planet of the Snapes' will be available for just $10.  You have only 24 hours to get your stinkin' paws on one!

Dawn of the Dude

My Dawn of the Dude tee goes on sale tomorrow, over at  $10 for just 24 hours, it'll really tie your wardrobe together.

My 'Return of the Living Dead' inspired tee goes on sale over at this Friday 2nd March!  That's $10 for just 24 hours, so mark your calendars!

Because that’s what the world needs – Dragon slaying, cyborg death machines from the future!
My Skyrim/Terminator mash up goes on sale for the great price of just $10 on Saturday 25 Feb over at  Remember, it’s on sale for just 24 hours and then it won’t be back. (See what I did there?)