Masked Smoker

Vamp Bath - A before, after and before again.

During my recent absence from picture making, I took a little look at my past vector work which I had been growing more and more dissatisfied with recently.

This particular image, inspired by the old Hammer pic Countess Dracula, was drawn a few years ago, and is basically the 'pencil' stage, which I then scanned in and redrew in Freehand as was my method back then.
While flicking through some old sketchbooks I rediscovered the image and decided it worked alot better in its ink form rather than the vector, so scanned in and coloured up.

Below is the
ink and and vectors version compared to the 'original' vector version, and looking at the pair together, I don't know what I was thinking. Just in love with Vectors I guess, but that freehand version really makes my eyes bleed...


A Girl called Rainbo

Back in Beesnuss, back in town!

After a wee break from the world of picture making, I has returned to me pen pot.