Threadless Submission - Badass of the Deep!

This badass of the deep is open for voting over at Threadless, so if you're a fan of sharks, ninjas, cyborgs, pirates or zombies why not pop over and give him a vote?
My Alien inspired tee, Free Hugs, goes on sale for 24 hours this Halloween.  Visit TeeFury from midnight EST to feel the love!  And to celebrate Halloween visit my Facebook page for a chance to win a copy of the Super Fun Puzzle Book of Horror!
Got two new tees coming out on Sunday 30th and Monday 31st of October!

MadMen Tee - Available 5th October from Ript Apparel

Today's tee over at Ript Apparel is my MadMen design.  Only available for the next 24 hours so grab one now before it's gone.

'Lovin' IT' available at TeeFury

Todays tee over at TeeFury is my 'Lovin' IT' design.  Grab one before it's too late!

Even more Tee designs!

Boy, these things are addictive! Here is a further selection of recent Tee designs submitted to various sites. My first design goes on sale this weekend, I'll post details on Friday.

Tee Designs

Took a few days last week to work on some tee designs with the idea of submitting them to sites like TeeFury and NowhereBad. I had a few designs accepted and they'll be appearing in the next few weeks, something I'm stoked about, but here are a few more examples of the kind of things I've been submitting.

Corporate Zombie

Threadless, the original online T shirt community, printed a book last year celebrating 10 years of fantastic tee designs. It's always been an honour to be part of the Threadless winners community ( I even have a mug to say so) and my corporate zombie continues to win people over somehow. Without that design, I'd never have worked on the Zomboy promo I posted last week for example. Unfortunately the 'Corporate Zombie' tee is currently sold out (again), but you can get a copy of the book from here. In the meantime I'm also working on my own line of Zombie tees which hopefully I'll have more news on soon.

Zomboy Promo

Last week I got to indulge my zombie love when I created this short promo for Dubstep artist Zomboy. Alot of fun was had.

Jubbo the Hat

This weeks Dandy sees the introduction of a new villain, Jubbo the Hat, in my Clown Wars strip. DC Thomson have been kind enough to give me permission to reproduce some of the strips so hopefully I can get some uploaded and give international readers a chance to see the work.

Granny Grimm - Reanimated!

Learn your alphabet with the help of horror cinema's finest! This was a fun little project I started last year, but unfortunately had to put on hold. Well now it's back, and this time the art's got a new (and in my opinion improved) look to it. Head on over to the Strange Kid Clubhouse where a new entry will appear every week, and where I'll also be redrawing the previous entries to make them fit with the new! Aces!

Boo Vs Ghoul, in the world series of love

In this weeks Dandy one of my Dr Huh strips has the character Dr Boo. I just realised that since Andy Fanton's Boo strip has been running for a few weeks, this may look like some kind of homage to that wonderful strip. I really wish it was, as I think it would have been cool to put my own spin on his lovable character, but as it is it's just a coincidence.
Also in this weeks issue is one of my favourite Stan Helsing strips, if only because my son Jonathan came up with the villain in this story and it's always nice to collaborate like that.
Anyway, if you like Ghosts, skateboards, Scouse psychics, exploding castles, sausages, meerkats, aliens, mad scientists and general cartoon fun, I suggest picking it up. Hurry though as a new issue comes out tomorrow!

"human/insect mutation is far from an exact science... "

For this weeks Dandy comic, on sale Wednesday 26th January, I created a page which let's readers create their very own giant rampaging monster! You can choose from Bug head, Werewolf, Ancient Starbeast or Giant Robot. You could even create your own monster, or stay with the barmy scientist option, the choice is yours!
Plus there's the second of my Stan Helsing strip and this time he almost come's face to face with an actual monster after last weeks mix up. Maybe next week he might fight an actual monster, who knows!

Of course there's always the weekly superb line up of fantastic strips by the usual bunch of uber-talented Dandy fop's, and a new strip, Graeme Reaper, by hardcore cartoonist David Banks.

Super Fun Puzzle Book of Horror

If you enjoy horror cinema and kid's puzzle books why not treat yourself to 'The Super Fun Puzzle Book of Horror'? 16 pages of horror inspired fun, all in glorious black and white so even when you've done the puzzles you can grab your crayons and get colouring!
Available here for just £1.99!

The Dandy!

I've just received my copy of this weeks Dandy, on sale 19th Jan, and (woot woot!) my Stan Helsing strip begins this week! It's awesome to be part of such a long standing institute of UK comics, and with the recent redesign of the comic it's an honour to be part of the new wave of fantastic characters coming along. It also totally rocks to create something I can share with my kids. Here's hoping that everyone elses kids like it just as much...