"human/insect mutation is far from an exact science... "

For this weeks Dandy comic, on sale Wednesday 26th January, I created a page which let's readers create their very own giant rampaging monster! You can choose from Bug head, Werewolf, Ancient Starbeast or Giant Robot. You could even create your own monster, or stay with the barmy scientist option, the choice is yours!
Plus there's the second of my Stan Helsing strip and this time he almost come's face to face with an actual monster after last weeks mix up. Maybe next week he might fight an actual monster, who knows!

Of course there's always the weekly superb line up of fantastic strips by the usual bunch of uber-talented Dandy fop's, and a new strip, Graeme Reaper, by hardcore cartoonist David Banks.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Reminds me of the Mant creature from Joe Dante's film Matinee !!! Cool stuff !!