New Website

I've just updated my website, a quick redesign with a more personal touch.

Evil Dead action

Little bit of fun, intending to make a start on images which have a bit more going on in them and figured I'd start with The Evil Dead movies. There are so many iconic images in those movies (flying eyeballs, shull hilted daggers, old clocks and giggling lamps) that I may revisit this when I have more time.

Original Gangsters

Just opened a store over at Zazzle and these foul mouthed fellows are my first tee prints. Why not buy one and wear something offensive today!

Be a Gremlin!

If you get clickety with the link you can download and print out your very own Gremlin mask, and you don't even have to eat after midnight to complete the the transformation! Multiplying with water and an appreciation of Snow White not included.