Erm, a lady with a crow on her head...not sure...perhaps she comes from Bartertown...


Moon was definitely my favourite film this year. Sam Rockwell did an amazing job as always. Then again I haven't seen Paranormal Activity yet...

Michael Strahan Face

Earlier this year BBDO asked me to create this image of fromer NFL player Michael Strahan as part of the 'Fandemonium' campaign. The aim was for contestants to get footballs through the gap in his teeth. All i can say is he must be one heck of a good sport.

Final Girls!

My Final Girl series, celebrating the final girls of horror classics, is once again for sale in the DirtyApe store. Available as postcards or a 31cm x 41cm mini poster, these lovelies would look great on the wall of any texas farmhouse or backwoods cabin! You can get yours here, and they would make an ideal Christmas present for the gorehound in your life who feels there are only so many crispy fried, mullet headed in bred mutants you can stand to be pinned around the walls.

Vector Tuts Tutorial

Want to know how to create your very own stinkin' zombie critter? Head on over to VectorTuts+ and see how. All you need is a copy of illustrator, a graphic tablet and a thirst for human flesh! (Can you even have a thirst for flesh? Shouldn't it be hunger?)