Final Girls

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Stacie Ponder's Final Girl, where she covers the wonderful world of Seventies and Eighties Slasher movies and all that entails. Her writing is always witty and of interest to an old school gore hound like myself.

Inspired, I created this piece illustrating just two of the most famous Final Girls.

The Girl from Vector

Simply because I'm sick of looking at that ugly little blue fellah, here's something else to look at.

When I was a kid I used to love all those old shows that Channel 4 and BBC 2 would repeat to fill the schedule between 'proper' programming, shows like The Avengers and The Man from UNCLE. These things were hitting the twenty years old mark, yet to me they were still fantastic shows that could had been made that week.
Thankfully The Prisoner wasn't one such repeat, and I was able to view that many years later when my 'adult' mind could fully appreciate what I was seeing.