JFK as kung fu exploitation flick. Jackie 'FoYo' Kennedy is on a one woman crusade of vengeance against the men who brought down her husband!


Erm, a lady with a crow on her head...not sure...perhaps she comes from Bartertown...


Moon was definitely my favourite film this year. Sam Rockwell did an amazing job as always. Then again I haven't seen Paranormal Activity yet...

Michael Strahan Face

Earlier this year BBDO asked me to create this image of fromer NFL player Michael Strahan as part of the 'Fandemonium' campaign. The aim was for contestants to get footballs through the gap in his teeth. All i can say is he must be one heck of a good sport.

Final Girls!

My Final Girl series, celebrating the final girls of horror classics, is once again for sale in the DirtyApe store. Available as postcards or a 31cm x 41cm mini poster, these lovelies would look great on the wall of any texas farmhouse or backwoods cabin! You can get yours here, and they would make an ideal Christmas present for the gorehound in your life who feels there are only so many crispy fried, mullet headed in bred mutants you can stand to be pinned around the walls.

Vector Tuts Tutorial

Want to know how to create your very own stinkin' zombie critter? Head on over to VectorTuts+ and see how. All you need is a copy of illustrator, a graphic tablet and a thirst for human flesh! (Can you even have a thirst for flesh? Shouldn't it be hunger?)

Mr Creative over at Threadless

The one and only Mr Creative has shoe horned himself onto a tee design over at Threadless and both he and I would greatly appreciate your support. Please head on over there and vote for the design. It will never see print of course, but just to give the guy some semblance of self worth, let's try and keep his voting open for the full seven days. Please can you help?

Mr Creative - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


If you're based in the Uk, and you head down to your local Waterstones Book store you'll see that they currently have a Jungle (massive) theme running throughout. These were created by me at the start of the year, and can currently be seen running throughout the stores nationwide, as well as on their website.
Of course it would be nicer to have a book selling in the store, but for this illustrator this is the next best thing.

Shaun of the Dead Deleted Scene - NSFW

A deleted scene from Shaun of the Dead, with visuals animated by me.

Okay, so quite clearly NOT a deleted scene, but that is Mr Pegg and Mr Frost raising a very valid point.

(Maxwell) House of Re-Animator

I created this little toon last year when I was messing around with some animation. As with the majority of things on this blog, it's a nonsense little ol' piece of tosh which probably just myself and around three other people in the world will appreciate. But hey, what else is the internet for if not to make people wonder what goes on in a persons mind and shuffle slowly towards the exit sign? I've tweaked it a little since then, and cheekily added Richard Band's 'original' theme.

Psych-O-Matic for the people!

I've just built this 'fun' little creation for assembling your very own movie psycho slasher of yesteryear. Gorehounds should click on the stench bag above to go there and start creating!

The Comedian

imhb - Watchmen

Final Girls

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Stacie Ponder's Final Girl, where she covers the wonderful world of Seventies and Eighties Slasher movies and all that entails. Her writing is always witty and of interest to an old school gore hound like myself.

Inspired, I created this piece illustrating just two of the most famous Final Girls.

The Girl from Vector

Simply because I'm sick of looking at that ugly little blue fellah, here's something else to look at.

When I was a kid I used to love all those old shows that Channel 4 and BBC 2 would repeat to fill the schedule between 'proper' programming, shows like The Avengers and The Man from UNCLE. These things were hitting the twenty years old mark, yet to me they were still fantastic shows that could had been made that week.
Thankfully The Prisoner wasn't one such repeat, and I was able to view that many years later when my 'adult' mind could fully appreciate what I was seeing.