Mr Creative over at Threadless

The one and only Mr Creative has shoe horned himself onto a tee design over at Threadless and both he and I would greatly appreciate your support. Please head on over there and vote for the design. It will never see print of course, but just to give the guy some semblance of self worth, let's try and keep his voting open for the full seven days. Please can you help?

Mr Creative - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


If you're based in the Uk, and you head down to your local Waterstones Book store you'll see that they currently have a Jungle (massive) theme running throughout. These were created by me at the start of the year, and can currently be seen running throughout the stores nationwide, as well as on their website.
Of course it would be nicer to have a book selling in the store, but for this illustrator this is the next best thing.

Shaun of the Dead Deleted Scene - NSFW

A deleted scene from Shaun of the Dead, with visuals animated by me.

Okay, so quite clearly NOT a deleted scene, but that is Mr Pegg and Mr Frost raising a very valid point.