Class of '85

It's been a quarter of a century since these movies came along and blew my childhood wide open, and I still think there hasn't been another year in cinema history which has produced such a clutch of amazing movies which redefined the 'Kids Adventure' genre. Worthy of note also is the fact that Return of the Living Dead and Breakfast Club also came out in this year, but RotLD had grown ups stealing the show, and our Breakfast Club friends never went on any kind of adventure so unfortunately they narrowly missed out on roll call despite being legendary in their own right. Bonus points if you can identify the movies pictured here.

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Nix said...

Back To The Future, Teen Wolf, Weird Science, Silver Bullet, Goonies, Explorers... that's all I can get. Sorry. But... freaking good work, man! Really. I wish I could have someone talented as you to create something.